Home Games Xbox and PS5 gaming consoles Which is better?

Xbox and PS5 gaming consoles Which is better?

Xbox and PS5 gaming consoles Which is better?

Xbox and PS5 gaming consoles with pros and cons

A new generation of consoles is coming with a new Sony PlayStation and a new Microsoft Xbox. But this time, the distance between the hardware of the two titans of the video game is all but gone. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is priced at $499.99, have similar processing technology on the hood, game loading times are variable, and goodies are associated with the subscription. Consequently, you will find it incredibly difficult to buy a new console this holiday season, which permits stock. Here’s PCMag to support. We dissect the PS5 and Xbox Series X features and capabilities to lead you down the right road to buy consoles.

Flawless design, wild design

Design is the most subjective feature of the new game consoles, but let’s be painfully honest: none of them look fantastic. The Xbox Series X is a literal box about the most uncomplicated design a console manufacturer might have. The PlayStation 5 goes too far, with a curved, two-tone tower vaguely similar to a shirt with a white button and a neck popping over a black T-shirt. They are both much bigger and potentially challenging to fit into your media center. The PS5 measures 16 by four by 10 inches (HWD) and eclipses the Xbox Series x, a large box measuring 12 by 6 inches. There seems to be powerful cooling tech in the big case designs on the bright side, which is good at how much power each console bundles. Perhaps one of the designs will grow on you.

If you take the PS5 direction, be prepared to use the two-way stand included. It screws into the system’s bottom for the proper use and clips for lateral use on the system’s side. Both methods are required to use the device safely. The PS5 is pretty wobbly without the stand.

Combat Controller

Microsoft has kept its concept working as the time came to develop the current Xbox Wireless Controller, an almost identical gamepad to the Xbox One Wireless Controller. The form and feeling are almost unchanged, with a few exceptions. For example, rather than a plus-shaped direction pad, the new controller has a circular facing shield. Textured triggers are also available. The new Share Button is a decent touch, and the USB connection is a significant improvement from the micro-USB connection of previous gamepads. Yet, it’s pretty much the same gamepad.

In the meantime, Sony revised the PlayStation 5 controller. Rather than the iterative DualShock 5 inch ahead of the DualShock 4, the DualSense gamepad in PS5 is almost entirely fresh. The controller is broad and nearly plump, with extended, fang-like grips that are supposed to be significant. The gamepad has fascinating new features, such as adaptive triggers, which can change resistance to the game by using the game’s background. The DualSense also has much more accurate haptic Feedback, which can generate very realistic contextual sensations similar to the HD Rumble on the Joy-Cons Nintendo Switch. Even the latest technology needs to be implemented by game developers in their games. Is it going to happen?

Power Similar

Both game consoles are approximately the same here. AMD Zen 2 based CPUs and RAYTRACE compatible RDNA 2 GPUs are used by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (featuring 16GB of GDDR6 RAM). The pure GPU power of Xbox Series X is slightly higher than the GPU power of PS5 at 12.15-10.28 TFLOPS, respectively, but both consoles are essentially equally graphical and usable. Equally significant, both consoles feature solid-state drives, which mean loading times much faster than their predecessors. The Xbox Series X has a 1TB SSD, the PS5 has a slightly smaller 825GB SSD, but they are both fast blazing, allowing you to save files and quick travel in seconds rather than minutes.


This is the trickiest part as the game libraries change with time, and there are few exclusive launches between them. The Xbox Series X does not have “exclusive” first-party items that do not also run on Xbox One or Windows 10. Microsoft has made adamant that it will cross-generate all of its newest games for the next year, which means there is no single ‘S/X Series only on Xbox’ game. However, some dozen games feature significant improvements in graphics or output on the new console.

In the meantime, Sony is promoting some exclusive PlayStation 5, including Demon’s Souls and the fantastic Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a version of PlayStation 4. The list of pure exclusives of the PS5 is also tiny.



  • 4K graphics of HDR
  • Compatible frame rates
  • Unbelievably quick load speeds
  • New controller DualSense feels nice, with fascinating haptic features


  • In any game, you still won’t see 4K/60fps
  • Strange chassis design will make placing in your media center difficult.
  • Backward compatibility only with PS4, with no actual graphical changes.



  • Amazing 4K, HDR graphics
  • Free results •
  • Unbelievably quick loading times via SSD
  • Strong compatibility backward, including accessories


  • In many games, you still won’t get 4K/60.
  • Incomplete backward compatibility list for Xbox and Xbox 360 original games



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