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Why are there so many cryptocurrencies?

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies?


As bitcoin and all the more explicitly blockchain innovation substantiated itself as a safe and dependable method of moving resources. Different engineers began to add their own understandings to how it very well may be utilized.

2011 saw the appearance of litecoin and namecoin; in fact, litecoin is fundamentally the same as bitcoin. Yet the designer charlie lee rolled out certain improvements that he viewed as upgrades a more limited square age time, a higher all-out number of coins and an alternate hashing calculation.

namecoin is likewise like bitcoin with 21 million coins and similar evidence of work calculation. The money’s fundamental contrast is that it permits information to be put away in its blockchain exchanges.

Today namecoin is utilized for the bit high-level area name it works

outside of ICANN .more types and categories of cryptocurrency as namecoin appeared. The utilization cases for digital forms of money were at that point beginning to bloom before long. We had peercoin utilizing a proof-of-work.

Verification of state calf breed iota deciding to utilize the tangle rather than a customary blockchain. And security-centered coins like monero dash and zcash appear. Each new coin was attempting to take care of another issue or cure an apparent. The shortcoming in existing digital currencies subsequently helps comprehend the tremendous number of cryptographic forms of money.

It’s maybe savvy to part them into use classifications. All things considered, the edges of these classifications are fairly hazy.

However, most coins fit into one of seven gatherings installments and currencies 

  1. bitcoin 
  2. litecoin 
  3. nano
  4.  dogecoin protection
  5.  monero 
  6. verge comodo 
  7. z cash

 Processing and data management.

  1. cya coin
  2.  golem 
  3. hollow 
  4. stages 
  5. ether
  6.  cordona
  7.  neo 
  8. nem 

Business and protocols

  1.  binance coin 
  2. icon 
  3. vechain 
  4. ardor 
  5. fintech 
  6. ripple 
  7. stellar
  8.  omisigo
  9.  qash 


  1.  steam 
  2. tron 
  3. loom 
  4. wax 

The forking of cryptocurrencies engineers have forked all the major blockchains, and some blockchains have even been forked on many occasions.

In 2018 alone, the bitcoin blockchain offered to ascend to bitcoin pizza bitcoin all bitcoin private bitcoin rhodium bitcoin smart bit vote bitcoin interest bitcoin adam bitcoin lite classic bitcoin and bitcoin zero.

Essentially because they’re relatively straightforward to make, and an ico seems like a fast way to make money.

In principle, at least all the difficulties around creating a cryptocurrency that’s technically and functionally comparable to bitcoin were worked out in 2009.

it’s not tricky for a skilled software architect to essentially recreate

bitcoin with a different initial ledger, possibly a different set of particular choices like hash function or block size and let it loose onto the world said architect would then be in a position to exchange their cryptocurrency with speculators in a more widely circulated asset or currency.

Free money, of course, that a few thousand rip-offs of bitcoin exist as neither theoretically interesting nor particularly valuable to the economic, technological or political advancement of society.

For my own part, I’m also skeptical that most of the people who exchange things for these altcoins will be particularly thrilled with their decisions in the long run. because cryptocurrencies are based on new technology


Blockchain technology most trusted in Crypto trading

blockchain can do quite a bit because we humans do so much with

transferring fast, secure information because blockchain lets us add on so many features to existing technology and maybe even invent some new ones; no single project can capture all of blockchain’s potential.

In other words, every cryptocurrency is trying to use blockchain technology to do something specific and profitable some may tackling gaming, some items tracking others bank payments, and so


But the idea that one project one crypto would do it all would be like one bank banking everyone. one fast food joint making all the fast-food burgers or one streaming service like Netflix. Remaining the only streaming service out there.

New tech opens up new lanes, and no single project ever occupies all the lanes, so other projects quickly pop up to compete in these new open spaces. The vast majority of cryptos now won’t survive.

There’s a limited number of spaces that can be changed by blockchain and thus a limited number of projects that will survive.

Final Words

if you are investing in 2021 will be the year blindly choosing a crypto to believe in will be mistake research your project’s goals and

ability to meet these goals heavily.


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