Home Technology What is the reason behind Facebook outage?

What is the reason behind Facebook outage?

What is the reason behind Facebook outage?

Facebook said late Monday that the global outage, which lasted almost six hours, was caused by a “faulty configuration” modification.

In a blog post, Facebook’s Vice President of Engineering and Infrastructure Santosh Janardhan wrote, “Our engineering teams have determined that configuration modification on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centres caused issues that stopped this communication.” “This network traffic disturbance had a cascade effect on how our data centres communicated, bringing our services to a halt.”
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The outage on Monday also impacted the tools used by Facebook staff. During the outage, Facebook said it discovered no evidence that user data was hacked.


The uncommon outage, which also affected Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp apps, demonstrated how reliant people and businesses are on social media, even as the corporation faces increased scrutiny from politicians and regulators. The Wall Street Journal recently published a series of articles describing how Facebook was aware of the platform’s issues, particularly its negative influence on youngsters’ mental health. The whistleblower who gathered the internal documents referenced by The Journal, former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen, appears before Congress on Tuesday.


The outage on Monday was similar to earlier times when Facebook’s services were unavailable. In 2019, Facebook again had a lengthy outage that lasted more than 14 hours. According to the social media platform, the blackout in 2019 was caused by a “server configuration change,” according to the social media platform.


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