Do you want to attain a high delivery rate in email marketing? And want to earn a high reputation online? Or Are you looking for a professional email marketing tool?

Well, we will resolve all your queries in this blog. 

Email marketing is not something new, but right now, it’s used become increased extensively. At this time, if you do not have an email marketing strategy means you are missing out on sales opportunities and the chance to bring your audience even close.

However, spam traps, disposable and deactivate emails cause a fall in your sending score and waste your time and money. Therefore, cleaning your list is an essential part of an email marketing strategy. Plus, a clean email list aids you in creating an efficient and effective email marketing campaign. Bad emails can harm the reputation and deliverability of your email domain. But doing it all alone is almost impossible.

Therefore, you need the best email validation tool to wash off all the junk emails from your list. Wiping your email list is an efficient way to stay focused on your customer and keep your return on investment healthy. 

Certainly, DeBounce is the best tool to choose for your email marketing system.


Undoubtedly, DeBounce is a full-fledge, accurate, and fast tool for email verification. It is a tool for email list cleaning in order to wipe out spam traps and bad emails from your list.


DeBounce works by catching and eliminating bad emails. 

But how?

In order to start using DeBounce, you have first to register yourself. After completing the simple procedure of registration. Firstly, log on to enter your account.

After logging in, DeBounce dashboard appeared on the left side of your screen, along with email verification and statistical checking options. And you will see two options, upload List and add Integration on the right side.

Besides an email verifier, DeBounce is also used for email validation. You can do single validation of email addresses and do bulk validation as well. For single email verification, click on the option of a single validation, a new window open, add your email ID and check.

In order to verify in bulk, You can add the list by clicking on the upload list option on the right side. It will open a new window from which you can upload an email ID list in .txt format.

For instance, DeBounce can verify 1000 email addresses in only 40-45 minutes.


With DeBounce’s email verification service, you can check if the domains are inactive, parked, or invalid, as well as any duplicate email address in your list. These domains and emails are automatically excluded from your list. Besides, it also detects emails with syntax errors. 

Additionally, DeBounce has a risk validation functionality to check high-risk keywords through scanning email addresses.

It also identifies the email transfer agent in order to check whether the email has a valid MX record or not.

DeBounce provides a data enrichment engine that aid find out the name behind any email address. Plus, by using it, members can personalize messages and improve email campaign commitment. 

Additionally, Its lead finder option can help acquire the email address of anyone working at the company. 

DeBounce API permits you to link email verification and validation with other supported SaaS platforms.

One or more people can readily use a single DeBounce account.

DeBounce also excludes catch-all email addresses. Emails received by catch-all domains remain unread. Therefore, the open rate of emails gets reduced.

DeBounce generates a report on how many emails are valid from your list. You can also download that report.

Most of the email validation tools are overpriced and meager in the capacities you require.

Besides, in DeBounce, you only have to pay for the number of validation you use after accessing all the software’s features and tools. The pricing model of DeBounce is highly economical. It is easy to log in and makes verifying email straightforward.



Consequently, DeBounce is the best email verification tool in the market right now. This tool is really easy to access.

It helps you to boost the ROI of your email marketing endeavor. DeBounce s the best verification tool for a solid start. Plus, it is a very suitable and affordable tool for long-term use.

DeBounce guaranteed the deliverability rate of about 97.5% by removing role-based, disposable, spam trap, and invalid emails from your email list, along with email servers that are hard to validate like G-Suite, free.fr, QQ, Web.de, and GMX.

Compared to other email verification providers, DeBounce is the only one that came up with a WordPress plugin for instant email verification.


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