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Telegram: Why You should use Telegram?

Telegram: Why You should use Telegram?

Telegram is a mobile networking app like WhatsApp and signals. The entrepreneur Pavel Valerievich Durov is the founder of Telegram and also founded the social networking platform VK.

Telegram is user-friendly and accessible like what’s App. You can share photos, videos, and voice messages along with text messages. Telegram uses two forms of encryption one is standard, and the other is end to end.

Standard encryption is user-to-use encryption where messages stores in the cloud for future access. Telegram hidden messages are end-to-end encrypted.

There are many reasons Telegram is better than What’s App. The crucial difference between the pair is the attitude toward user privacy and data.

After the What’s App’s latest privacy policy, the users are moving on the telegram plate, searching for a more stable and user-friendly privacy policy. In this case, Telegram is defiantly a better option as opposed to what’s App.


Pros of Telegram

Telegram offers unrestricted server storage to its users. Both photographs and media will be store on their server.

Hidden Chats

The aforementioned hidden chat is where you can participate in encrypted end-to-end messages with a contact. But that’s not the only advantage: Secret conversations often don’t allow an individual to send messages or take screenshots from there. Of course, with another computer, someone might take a picture of the screen, but that is yet discouraged and supported by another feature: self-destructing timers.

Timers for self-destruction

If you do not want to hang messages in your confidential conversations, Telegram lets you set the timers to delete them permanently. After a message is sent, it will be chatted for a fixed duration — periods from one second to one week can be selected before it disappears.

You have to be particularly concerned with privacy to do so — it means that you never have a chat log — but it’s a good choice Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat don’t have

Global message deletion

Telegram has permitted users to remove messages sent by other users since the 2019 update. It’s a kind of divisive function. It doesn’t feel so lovely to have your messages deleted by someone else. But it is another helpful way to track your interactions online if your exchange is between you and a trusted person.

Large file size max

If you’re trying to submit big files, Telegram has up to 2GB of competition support. WhatsApp is a measly limited 16MB, WeChat is 100MB, and Skype is 300MB. Telegram files are also stored in the cloud so that you can use other machines to access them.


Telegram offers specific customization options not available from many of its rivals. You can pick the dominant app color, how the App opens links if the user interface shows animations, and more. There is also chatbot integration where you can make use of bots to enhance the experience. You can also build your themes, bots, and complete apps using the Telegram API.

Cons of Telegram

There are some disadvantages of Telegram.

  • You cannot check the status of another person; either he is online or offline.
  • Telegram does not allow multiple file selections when sending them to any user or party. It means that you must share it one by one.
  • When you install Telegram and give permission to access contacts. It generates a message to all your contacts that you have joined Telegram. ·

Ordinary chat doesn’t end encrypted ending. This means that your conversation is not safe. ·You cannot either deliver your message or not.


Is Telegram messenger better than WhatsApp messenger?


Well, if we equate all the features of Telegram with what’s App. The response is defiant yes; Telegram is the best App. Telegram is a non-profit cloud-based messaging service. The exciting aspect is that Telegram allows you to edit your messages right after sending them.


How is Telegram different from Whats app?


Telegram is highly encrypted, secure, and cloud-based. The Telegram service enables you to view your messages simultaneously from various devices, including an app that is much safer than WhatsApp. The service uses multi-data and encryption infrastructure.

Officially, the Telegram app only has two versions for Android and one for iOS. It also has an API developer who releases several unofficial Telegram applications for multiple platforms such as Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, and Linux. (PSST…Telegram app was inspired by Snapchat too.)

Why isn’t the Telegram app as popular as WhatsApp if it’s much better than WhatsApp?


WhatsApp was utterly different — no advertising, no registration; it connects to your phone number and works as ordinary text. Simple, and it was working. Simple.

Telegram is a lot like WhatsApp in several respects. It has (almost) the same emoticon set, is ad-free (forever!), and a clutter-free interface (as opposed to an over-the-top increase in the App). The Telegram policy is better than the WhatsApp privacy policy. (Telegram from the Parel Durov Digital Fortress Fund; advertising will never appear, even though the fund runs out. There are no compromises on privacy. WhatsApp? You are now sending your numbers to Facebook.

Can Telegram on PC be used?

As Telegram saves chats and files on a remote server rather than your browser, you also can access everything from the web (except hidden conversations). Access is via the web portal or any of the plugins to Chrome.

The company also makes its API access to the public for free and invites developers to build customers on other platforms. Users are also free to create custom bots, themes, stickers, and more.

Is Telegram free of charge?

Telegram is free to use and is funded by Pavel Durov, its founder and CEO. The organization will start using new approaches for monetization in 2021, but the core business of chatting remains open for all.

These innovative approaches include advertisements on public platforms (which works like Twitter feeds), premium features for business teams and power users, and paid sticker packs. Any of these funds are used by consumers as increased exposure for platforms or payments to developers of exclusive sticker packs.

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