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Role of social media platforms in health awareness campaigns

Role of social media platforms in health awareness campaigns


Social Media has become an integral part of life as it directly or indirectly governs all the actions from dawn to dusk. The integration and utmost importance of social media are prominent in all spheres of life. Like all domains of life, health care institutes are also dependent on social media accounts. Different social media sites and web pages allow health institutes and other concerned departments to spread awareness. The involvement of social media is becoming more vital in health awareness campaigns because social media platforms are the best tools to spread health concerning messages among the general public in less time and less effort. The role of social media accounts and various other online platforms is significant in spreading health awareness among the masses. In this way, the essential messages and concerns about serious health issues are rapidly conveyed among the general public in no time. The overall risk factor of catching chronic diseases is reduced to a great extent.


Involvement of Social Media in Health Institutes:
In the twenty-first century, all fields of life are shifting to digital means instead of face-to-face interaction. Today, the use of online means has surpassed face-to-face interaction, and it, in turn, promotes the use of social media platforms in one way or another. Today, various social media platforms offer user-friendly services to the people worldwide like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and many others. Health institutes are also utilizing social media forums for spreading awareness in the masses about maintaining health hygiene and adopting particular health measures to avoid risk diseases. Health awareness is a concerning matter that is equally applicable to everyone. That is why it is essential to convey health issues and awareness regarding them so that there is no chance of declining health in any particular region. Social media platforms are considered an effective weapon to combat health issues properly. Like all other aspects of life, social media is helpful in the maintenance of health hygiene of the general public, and it is equally important in spreading information about serious health matters or issues in no time.
Role of Social Media Platforms in Health Awareness Campaigns.
The significance of social media cannot be ignored in spreading health awareness and successful conduction of health awareness campaigns. Various social media sites, forums, and web pages are essential in health awareness campaigns initiated and conducted by health institutes and other concerned departments. In this way, the involvement of digital media is becoming more helpful in health awareness campaigns because social media platforms offer the best methods and ideas to spread health concerning messages among the general public. Digital social media platforms like Twitter, Meta, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram play an immense role in educating the masses about their health. These social media accounts are helping in the health awareness campaigns by not only spreading the health risks factors and necessary measures to the general public but also by addressing the health concerns raised by the public. “Scientists explain that some anxiety about personal safety and health during a widespread disease outbreak can help promote healthy behaviour, including hand-washing and distancing” (Kimberly, 2021). Social media has triggered anxiety in people, and they are more alert to follow the preventive measures. In2021, multiple health awareness campaigns are conducted and spread successfully by taking aid from online means. For example, fighting with depression in the Covid-19 Pandemic, Women Breast Cancer, and Say No to Smoking are a few of the most trending health awareness campaigns on social media in 2021.

Spreading Health Awareness in No Time:

The worldwide wave of globalization has shifted every field of life to digital means as they are becoming highly convenient to use and offer user-friendly options to all types of users. In this way, the vitality of social media account has doubled because it is equally helpful for every individual and every department of life. The importance of social media platforms in health awareness platforms is also crucial because the world is turning to online means rapidly. Keeping up with the world’s rapid advancements, all physically operational health institutes are turning to digital means for the successful spreading of health awareness. By adopting online standards and utilizing social media platforms, the credibility of health institutes is enhanced to a great extent. It is visible that prominent health consultants, physical therapists, and many other health-concerned individuals are using multiple social media accounts to spread health awareness about their respective domains.
Moreover, the other notable social media influencers also talk about health and fitness and play a significant role in promoting health issues and health hygiene. For example, Nabilla is one of the most followed health and fitness social account celebrities on Instagram. She has over 6.8 million followers on her Instagram account and inspires them to follow a healthy life with her mental and physical fitness tips. She promotes health awareness by frequently posting about health hygiene. Like, Nabilla, many other influencers encourage health awareness and take part in health awareness campaigns. In this way, the public’s general health is randomly discussed in the social media accounts and the public is motivated to follow tips of health influencers.

Health Education and Health Awareness:

The ongoing Pandemic has triggered excellent health among the public. The health concerning the department and respective ministries are looking forward to the easiest and fastest means of spreading health awareness. For this purpose, social media accounts are used to educate the general public about the risky health factors and chronic pandemics and the maintenance of general health in everyday life and typical routine. It is seen that notable medical institutes and health agencies are using YouTube to educate the people. YouTube channels prove the best social media site where information is disseminated in no time, and people can watch the shared over time and share with others. For instance, Philips Healthcare is one of the most popular YouTube channels that discuss the latest healthcare techniques and promotes health in public. In a fasting growing world, YouTube and other social media accounts prove helpful in spreading health awareness across the borders. So, distant awareness is only possible because of social media.


Social media sites and accounts provide an excellent and effortless opportunity to spread awareness about healthcare and health issues. Social media accounts are significant as they offer multiple forums, substantial websites, and various styles for healthcare promotion and health problems awareness. Online platforms successfully deal with serious health issues as they provide public-friendly online consultation options that help people know the exact status of their physical and mental health. In other words, the involvement of health and fitness influencers and social media accounts are inevitable for the successful conduction of health awareness campaigns in the rapidly growing digital world.


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