Home Business Pakistan Plans to Launch a New Airline to Promote Tourism

Pakistan Plans to Launch a New Airline to Promote Tourism

Pakistan Plans to Launch a New Airline to Promote Tourism


Pakistan is planning to launch a brand new airline to offer cheap flights for the people who love to travel. It will promote the country’s tourism greatly.

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world, and people from all over the world book cheap flights to Pakistan to witness its beauty. Now the country is planning to launch another airline that will be helping people with tourism. There are already many cheap airlines in the country, and the most popular one is Pakistan International Airlines. The name of the new airline is finalized to be North Air because it will be helping people to enjoy the northern beauty of the country.

The Licensing of the New Airline

The country’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has already issued the TPRI (Tourism Promotion and Regional Integration) license to the new airline of the country. It’s important to note that the airline has initially announced that it will offer cheap flight tickets to Gwadar, Gilgit, Chitral, Skardu, and Islamabad.

Keep in mind that these are some of the most popular destinations that people like to use in the whole country. Pakistanis and international tourists book airline flights of their choice to Pakistan to visit these places.

The Founder of the Airline

The new airline “North Air” is one of the most successful businessmen, Raja Nazeem ul Ameen). The founder said that getting the license is one of the biggest milestones so far that the airline has achieved. Now it will be able to comply with all the requirements of the CAA of the country. It includes training capacity, technical staff, pilots, and the reviewing of the aircraft.

The Promotion of Tourism

The biggest goal of the airline is to improve tourism in the country that will also help the economy grow. Not only will this new airline improve national tourism, but it will also help Pakistan with international tourism.

Planes That Will be Used

The founder said that initially, the airline was planning to offer cheap flights with a couple of Bombardier Q400 planes. It is important to note that these aircraft are yet to be purchased, and North Air will be the first airline in the country to offer cheap online flights for these aircraft.

These aircraft need short landing and take-off capabilities which is ideal for the northern areas. It works perfectly well for all the GB runways once aircraft can easily carry about 80 travelers and cover long distances.

It’s important to note that Pakistan International Airlines have ATR 72 and 42 that offer the traveler capacity of 70 and 48, respectively. So, the new airline will have more capacity in one flight, which means more people will book cheap airline flight tickets.

It is undoubtedly a piece of interesting news for the country, and we hope that this new airline will promote the tourism of Pakistan beyond the borders.


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