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Online Communication: How it changed the world?

Online Communication: How it changed the world?

Online communication better or not:

In the past, only email was the most popular way of online communication. Today different modes allow you to talk online. These services will enable you to perform a variety of services for online communication, for example

  • Make calls from your computer or mobile devices, and even you can see the other person you are talking to via real-time video call.
  • Share a lot of information with a group of people same time rather than sending email individually.
  • Engage With different social media platforms by posting your content to reach a mass audience.

Play an essential role in life:

Online communication is an essential part of our everyday life. Everyone in our society performs online communication daily. All most every business company and professional community is engaged in online commination one way or other.

Instant messaging helps to reach an ordinary person in the entire globe or a participant next to us, who can and afterward receive a reply or receive an instant answer.

Computer-Mediated Communication:

 (Computer-mediated- communication) is Helpful but disputable as far as performance is concerned. The reason behind the CMC convenience is, this is not bounded by time and location. We often miss the conventional lyres of FTF (Face to Face conversation), leading to unintended interpretations and outcomes when communicating online or via any electronic media. 

Even video conferences are not the ultimate substitute for FTF conversation. Thus online communication is not that efficient as it seems. Body language clear signs are essential, but they provide valuable information, e.g., tone and context. We see body language that hears voice and intensity accent and examines the body language and gestures.

 This expression helps us to differentiate between emotions and the context. We often use the different emojis types to fill the missing communication piece and convey the same message and thoughts in the online commination. But often, these techniques of sending the messages failed because of a lack of expressions.

Similarly, online communication has its advantages when we consider the mass audience and at the same time has disadvantages when it comes to community engagement. For most people, online communication is the way of expression of their thoughts and words. But at the same time, for many, it’s a complicated process to follow.

In the evolving era of information technology, online communication plays a vital role in shaping the business. Most of the big companies found a new horizon to grow with the help of online communication—the aids the firm to set up virtual offices and generate any leads for business growth.

Online communication pros and cons:



Communication accessible anywhere, whenever a connection to the Internet is accessible. Observed: The online discussion lasts, and you can review it whenever you want.

 Specific facets: 

Participants will not have to start contributing until they have reflected on the subject and are motivated.


Quick questions, comments, or long conductive accounts can also be made. It’s quick and rapid; you do not have to wait until someone else checks. For fast mails and trying to send notifications etc., it is ideal and convenient.


The discussion will occur; you can never predict; unpredicted often leads to a significant rise in vocabulary knowledge. It’s easy to carry a conversation via using online messenger apps as compare to conventional email.

It allows multiple options, including video chats, etc.

You can stay logged in while doing other tasks on your device. 



The input text is mainly used among people who are unwilling to write or have inadequate teaching skills.

No visual posters: 

There is an essential risk of lack of understanding and unwanted results without face gestures and facial expressions, the opportunity to retract immediately.

 Overload of info:

 a considerable quantity of messages could be overwhelming and challenging to understand and interpret.

Frequency lag:

 And if you log in every day, 24 hours may look like either a long time, whether you are expecting a response and the discussion might have progressed and left guests alone with If someone is not online, you may not have a quick.

How everyone Communicate Online?

When the online communication industry is not so diverse, People use to make phone calls, write letters, and often meet for FTF (Face to Face conversations). Now a day’s online communication plays a vital role in shaping our society. People often choose different methods to communicate online. The most popular online plate forms are instant messenger apps, Video Chats, and social network platforms.

Is it safe to Communicate Online?

It does not matter how you communicate online first thing you need to think about: privacy and safety. Before using any online communication, service read all the safety instructions to avoid revealing your conversations and personal information to a broader audience. 

Remember, everything you write online is relatively permanent, so even passing comments could negatively affect you or someone else.



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