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Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Review

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Review


  • Gorgeous OLED display
  • Powerful speakers
  • Elegant design


  • Productivity Mode is awkward
  • Weak cameras
  • Poor LTE connectivity


  Operating System

Android 10


10.4 by 6.8 by 0.3 inches



17.1 oz


  Screen Size

11.5 inches


  Screen Resolution

2,560 by 1,600 pixels



Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G


  Storage Capacity

128 GB


  Battery Life

9 hours, 58 minutes



Two-minute audit

In 2021, the tablet market is similar to it has been throughout recent years: stale. The iPad stays predominant as both the top-rated and most popular gadget family, while what space is left is challenged fervently. Amazon, Samsung and Huawei are the principal players here; each has a speciality which it attempts to claim – and here Lenovo enters to take a shot.

The initial ruse it has picked is the Tab P11 Pro, which is situated as an immediate contender to Samsung specifically. With a 2K OLED screen, four sound system impact speakers and an enormous battery, it will positively engage cinephiles, but it additionally has a secret weapon.

Maybe playing to the business buyers who love its respected ThinkPad line of PCs, the P11 Pro additionally comes supporting the ‘Lenovo Pen’ and an exceptionally shrewd looking console case with a kickstand.

The previously mentioned screen is likewise a jewel. Extended across 11.5 crawls with a 16:10 viewpoint proportion, it is generally huge without feeling huge, and it shows most widescreen content pleasantly.

The OLED tech implies that tones are punchy and blacks are limitless, but the screen is likewise pleasantly shading precisely. It likewise gets brilliant enough for indoor use (up to 500 nits) and is visible outside in solid daylight. With a high goal, perusing is especially charming, as there is no spiked text. For films, perusing and games, this is a phenomenal board – the main improvement would be a higher revive rate.

The quad-speakers put on a decent appearance as well. They get bounty uproarious without misshaping at high volumes and make a nice go at sound system partition. Bass specifically is a feature; however, there is additional detail in the mids and high pitches, so these are especially appropriate to activity films.

Audiophiles will be disillusioned with the exclusion of a 3.5mm earphone jack – on a gadget that will essentially be utilized at home or in the workplace, the powerlessness to utilize wired sound is an irritating burden.

Fabricate quality is acceptable. The tablet is developed from a strong inclination aluminium, with a unibody plan. There is no squeak or flex, and it has a consoling haul without feeling excessively significant. Shading choices are restricted, but this appears to be planned to be utilized either in an office or a front room, and showiness isn’t a need for either use case.

Yet, the product is a wreck, or all the more precisely, Android on tablets is an issue. There is a basic absence of applications that remember they are being utilized on a tablet, prompting scaling issues, slows down and crashes.

There’s likewise the issue of application accessibility. On the off chance that your work is principally done through the G Suite, you’ll be fine; however Android is as yet not broadly viable with a large group of fundamental applications in different enterprises. For composing in a hurry or for drawing work with the wonderful Lenovo pen, this will work when there’s no other option, however, it works obviously better as a media player than a workhorse.

A major success for the tablet however is battery life. On Wi-Fi (an LTE alternative is accessible) we had the option to squeeze out more than 10 hours of screen on schedule across a few days of utilization.

This is an incredible appearance and is supplemented by the capacity to quick charge and solid reserve times. The P11 Pro will be a welcome ally to the individuals who like to gorge a whole season from Netflix in one go.

Execution is for the most part satisfactory. The Tab P11 Pro undermines a few adversary models accessible from Samsung by offering a more vulnerable processor, the Snapdragon 730G, which is matched with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of interior stockpiling.

It has sufficient oomph to endure essential undertakings and the interface without issue, however, there is huge slack as it attempts to perform more serious work, for example, games. This might be because of the great goal show.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a solid challenger to any semblance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. It offers an exquisite presentation, solid speakers and an exceptional plan at a value that undermines the very good quality rivalry. As a usefulness machine notwithstanding, it doesn’t bode well – Android for tablets, following 8 years of presence, is as yet not good to go.

In case you are searching for a tablet as a smaller than expected TV supplanting with incredible media hacks, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is perhaps the most ideal alternative at the cost. Business clients anyway are best adhering to PCs.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a fascinating Android option in contrast to Apple’s iPad Air ($599.99). Beginning at $499.99, the tablet has a dazzling OLED show, incredible speakers, and strong battery life. In any case, it just has a midrange processor, and its discretionary Keyboard Pack and Precision Pen 2 are functional yet not noteworthy. That makes it useful for media utilization and doodling, yet less for efficiency. The iPad Air, with a predominant pointer and great preparing power, remains our Editors’ Choice champ.


·       Metal unibody design, 485g

·       Keyboard and kickstand available

·       No headphone jack

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is unmistakably planned for two quite certain utilization cases. One is as a substitution TV, to be a couch pal during long winter nights. Its shape, its perspective proportion and more adjust to this – however few out of every odd viewpoint does.

Amazon produces a few lines of tablets, for example, the Amazon Fire HD 10, with comparable expectations, yet the form materials are totally unique. The Lenovo is no plastic incredible, it accompanies a full aluminium unibody plan and feels like it could endure a tank, so needless excess for the family room then, at that point.

This is down to its subsequent use case, as a portable workstation. It has a dominance of straight lines and sharp edges, straight out of a mechanical plan handbook. It will squeeze into any office or meeting room and will look brilliant when in a hurry too. This is just supplemented by the console and kickstand case.

Each of these is developed of a counterfeit fibre weave that feels hard-wearing and is not difficult to clean. The kickstand case is held set up with incredible magnets, while the console interfaces with a bunch of pogo pins on the base. This implies no tinkering with Bluetooth associations when attempting to finish work – the association with the tablet is unshakable.

Every one of these vibes is decent, yet the general bundle is the place where things begin to get somewhat troublesome. The development of the console and the sharp kickstand implies that this will not be the most agreeable or functional ‘lap-capable’ choice for work across extensive stretches.

The actual console is a normal Lenovo, which isn’t to say that it has the nature of a ThinkPad, yet that it has expansive key covers and good key travel – absolutely for this sort of exertion and at this size point.

The consideration of a touchpad appears to be to some degree indiscernible in any case, particularly as the tablet runs Android. Its small impression implies it is interesting to utilize, and its essence eliminates the chance of an additional column of keys. In everything, we might have effectively worked from a blend of the touch screen and the console keys.

Lenovo has likewise prepared in ‘keen’ pen usefulness, the Lenovo Pen sports 4,096 degrees of strain affectability and followed our simple doodles well. However it could be adequate for doodling, there are a few reservations with regards to whether it will be reasonable for a computerized craftsman, generally because of the scarcity of one or the other quality or enhanced applications of this sort accessible which function admirably on Android for tablets.

A point that might irritate some is the shortfall of a 3.5mm earphone jack, concerning a tablet expected to fill in as a media friend it is a disturbance. Around the screen the bezels are pleasingly slight, however, the included board is huge in any event, for a tablet. Its impression is little nonetheless, thus it feels rich in the hand. This is commended by the smooth idea of the gadget (5.8mm thick), so it should effortlessly squeeze into a pack.

An intriguing consideration is a face scanner, which takes into account secure face open logins from the lock screen. As a general rule, we tracked down that this didn’t work, and that the included unique finger impression scanner/power button was a speedier and safer decision. The execution on this isn’t exactly acceptable yet.

Taking all things together, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro feels more than worth its sticker price – while at the same time being adequately extreme to take a couple of slams and continue to go.


·       11.5-inch 1600 x 2560 display

·       AMOLED technology

·       No high refresh rate

Similarly, as with any gadget, a tablet lives and kicks the bucket by the nature of its presentation, however, the subject of utilization case is ostensibly more significant than the ‘objective’ nature of the board. This is positively a presentation fit for hanging with the best from any measurement. It is splendid, sharp at 1600 x 2560, contrasty and shading precisely.

For film watching, it is consequently a fantasy. The HDR-agreeable substance is dealt with well by the boundless AMOLED blacks, where it is accessible. Regardless of the sort of content, whether activity, narrative or something else, this is the sort of screen that makes the survey experience wake up, to some extent.

That it doesn’t have a high revive rate alternative isn’t an executioner, however, it is a slight disgrace. For video content and perusing it won’t make a big deal about a distinction, however for gamers this might be a major issue.

According to a work point of view, the image stays positive. However this won’t get precise enough for genuine photograph altering, colors are pleasingly obvious while additionally having a tad bit of the brand name AMOLED ‘pop’.

The screen proportion of 16:10 is extraordinary for video content, but it is somewhat less great for record work. However a greater amount of irritation than an overall issue, 3:2 screens are somewhat taller and permit a smidgen a greater amount of any record to be evaluated. There was plainly a difficult exercise being performed here, and the slant was towards video.

However the absence of any colder time of year sun introduced not many freedoms to test this gadget in solid daylight, it fared well outside. At the point when it is feasible to travel by and by, it will probably be usable in an entire scope of varying conditions.

According to an all-encompassing viewpoint, a significant part of the ‘spend’ in the assembling of this table has gone towards one region: the screen. This venture has paid off, the board on the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a delight to utilize and a stage past what is accessible at lower cost focuses.


·       Two cameras on the rear (13MP + 5MP)

·       Two cameras on the front (8MP + 8MP)

·       Poor performance, especially in low light

The inquiry has been posed over and over: who takes photographs on a tablet? Obviously, there is a group of people, in any case back cameras on tablets would have gone the method of the dinosaurs.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro games four snappers, two on the back and two selfie cameras. No extraordinary cases are made for any of these, which is similarly also given that they are largely failing in quality.

Detail, dynamic reach, contrast, immersion, every one of the accessories of a ‘pleasant’ photograph is by and large absent. The cameras here are for snapping a fast shot of a whiteboard or for record checking, that’s it. This won’t supplant a devoted camera on vacation.

As may be normal, every camera battles especially in low light, offering little however a boisterous wreck. These conditions ought to subsequently be kept away from.

An awful point also is the low quality of the selfie camera. In reality as we know it where video conferencing has become near on difficult to keep away from, it seems like an oversight. In spite of the fact that there are not many included webcams that are ‘acceptable’ in some random gadget, our essence during work calls was as an apparition tormenting the edge – not, by and large, a decent look by any definition.

The camera application itself rushes to dispatch and as barebones as may be normal. An odd consideration is a glimmer (for those late club meetings) and a super-wide camera on the back. Altogether, nobody purchases a tablet for its camera ability, and the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro especially adjusts to that assumption.

Specs and performance

·       Snapdragon 730G chipset

·       6GB of RAM

·       128GB of storage

Very good quality force isn’t continually something you’d anticipate from a tablet. These are gadgets that provide food towards video content and record altering, neither of which are especially power-escalated. The people who need more from their gadgets, gamers and force clients, will, in general, get an alternate structure factor – like a PC – when they need transportability.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro never really challenges that generalization. The included Snapdragon 730G is totally fit for fueling most encounters effortlessly, yet rapidly burns some calories when somewhat more is requested from it.

With a solitary centre score of 527 and a multi-centre score of 1,614 on Geekbench 5, execution is generally comparable to the lead Snapdragon 845 from 2018.

The included 6GB of RAM is sufficient to keep a couple of applications in memory without an issue, and the 128GB of capacity should endure most clients no less than a couple of years.

An issue with regards to gaming is the 2K screen. More force hungry titles, like PUBG, didn’t have some good times time attempting to run at a sensible edge rate while additionally pushing full goal. The tablet will effectively control more easygoing encounters, yet this won’t supplant a devoted control centre any time soon, and it is no iPad Pro.

A more pressing issue for power clients anyway than the absence of crude execution nibble is the awkwardness of Android on tablets. Android has run on tablets for close to sufficient 10 years, across numerous cycles of the product framework, with new elements routinely being added. The experience doesn’t mirror this.

However the interface is generally steady, applications are the issue. Most usually, these are not upgraded for the tablet structure factor. These applications ‘hope’ to open on a cell phone, and the program window is estimated likewise, with no real way to go full screen. Usually, these applications will likewise decline to work in a scene direction, which is a burden when utilizing the console particularly.

Connecting the console starts a ‘usefulness’ mode, which can be flipped in any case. Initiating this mode functioned admirably generally, but sometimes it set off a perpetual pattern of application crashes that just a restart would resolve.

Those hoping to finish any work might run into a greater issue than application similarity notwithstanding, which is application accessibility. Android doesn’t have close to also fostered an application biological system for tablets as exists for iPads. Those hoping to do a potential switch should ensure all that they need is on the opposite side prior to advancing.

For light work, the P11 Pro is above and beyond – it is a decent composing buddy specifically. It will work for accounting pages when there’s no other option, and the G Suite of applications is appropriate to communitarian work. More trained professionals or requesting clients will be more qualified by a PC, even at a similar value point.

For the sort of assignments one may customarily expect of the tablet structure factor, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is more than fit.

Battery life

·       8,600mAh battery

·       18W fast charging

·       Lasts a long time between charges

In the event that the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has one complete victory to its name, it is battery life.

Attempt as we could, across numerous long periods of utilization, it demonstrated near on difficult to kill. With blended light to medium use, we had the option to persuade around 10 hours of screen on schedule from the gadget, which is great.

This will imply that, when significant distance travel is by and by conceivable, it will make a superb ally for successive fliers. Reserve times were a specific feature, with the gadget just dropping a couple of rate focuses each night.

Running the TechRadar battery test (a full goal video on Wi-Fi at max brilliance for an hour and a half), the gadget dropped from 100% to 91%, which is a solid appearance generally speaking.

A decent expansion also is the consideration of a somewhat quick charger in the crate. Charging an 8,600mAh battery is a significant endeavour, so this sort of charger is practically mandatory.

How it will admission in a hurry with LTE dynamic is difficult to see right now, be that as it may, shading us intrigued. Having this sort of life span on tap is an extensive accommodation for each sort of shopper.

Easy on the Eyes 

The Tab P11 Pro’s stylish veers a long way from the modest, plasticky Android records that overwhelm the market. Initially, you could undoubtedly confuse it with an iPad Air or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It measures 10.4 by 6.8 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 17.1 ounces.

However the tablet can be utilized in one or the other direction, it works best in scene mode with the attractive kickstand that accompanies the discretionary console. Contrasted and the kickstands you find on Microsoft Surface tablets, it’s a pleasant trade-off: not as durable as an implicit kickstand, but rather handily eliminated.

In scene direction, the top edge of the Tab P11 Pro holds two volume buttons. A bunch of pogo pins are on the base. A force button with an incorporated finger impression sensor and a microSD/SIM space sits on the left side, and the USB-C charging port is on the right (a 20W charging connector is incorporated). Two sets of JBL speakers are housed on the left and right edges.

The tablet’s unibody outline is made of aluminium and accessible in record or platinum wraps up. The back has a tone-on-tone get done with perceptible recieving wire lines along the top edge. A Lenovo identification is in the upper left corner and a little camera module in the upper right. Little JBL and Dolby Atmos logos are fixated on the base.

The front is overwhelmed by an 11.5-inch OLED board. The goal comes in at 2,560 by 1,600 pixels, for a thickness of 264ppi. The Tab P11 Pro’s showcase is bigger than the 10.9-inch LCD board you’ll discover on the more costly iPad Air, yet they have a similar pixel thickness.

Tones on the Tab P11 Pro are tasty, and its blacks profound and inky. It’s ideal for an indoor survey, however not brilliant enough to use in direct daylight. It additionally does not have the 120Hz revive rate you’ll discover on the Galaxy Tab S7.

Just Enough Power

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G versatile stage controls the Tab P11 Pro. The base model accompanies 4GB of uMCP RAM; the 6GB model expenses $549 and ought to be your best option in the event that you have space in your spending plan. The two models transport with 128GB of capacity, and about 104GB is accessible out of the case. You can amount to 1TB of outside stockpiling with a microSD card.

This equipment makes the Tab P11 Pro speedy and responsive for mind-boggling and concentrated assignments, including streaming and performing various tasks. We tried it with over twelve applications running and didn’t encounter any slack. Gaming is strong for a tablet. Playing Alto’s Odyssey on the huge OLED show was a joy, and we didn’t experience any hiccups. Genshin Impact was delayed to somewhat ease back to the stack, however, the record in any case took care of the asset substantial game effortlessly.

On PCMark Work 3.0, a progression of tests that imitate normal tablet errands, the Tab P11 Pro scored 10,008. That is underneath the Galaxy Tab S7’s score of 14,965, however, we didn’t see a distinction, all things considered, execution between the two gadgets.

Here’s Not Looking at You

We discovered the Tab P11 Pro’s cameras frustrating. A 13MP essential sensor and a 5MP auxiliary sensor are on the back; on the front, you’ll track down an 8MP sensor alongside a period of-flight sensor for Face Unlock. All performed ineffectively even by tablet camera norms.

The back cameras are useful for fast reference shots or report examines, however very little else. Our sunshine test shots were level and delicate and needed differentiation. Low-light photographs were a flat out misfortune.

The forward-looking camera, a need for videoconferencing, is a setback. In our test calls, the video seemed smothered, with observable ghosting.

Face Unlock isn’t the Tab P11 Pro’s solid suit, all things considered. Setting the element up was a significant issue that took various endeavours. Once enacted, it was unquestionably sluggish and just worked about 33% of the time. The coordinated unique mark sensor is a quick and exact other option.

Not intended for Road Warriors

The Tab P11 Pro has restricted band support for AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G organizations. On AT&T, it upholds groups 2,4, and 5, yet groups 12, 17, 29, and 66 are missing, as are LAA LTE groups utilized in clogged urban communities by each transporter. On T-Mobile, the tablet upholds groups 2, 4, and 5; none of T-Mobile’s Extended range is upheld, nor is band 66. In the event that you truly need a tablet with web access for chipping away at the go, the Galaxy Tab S7 and the iPad Air give a much better network.

We tried the record on T-Mobile’s organization in Chicago and recorded velocities of 18.4Mbps down and 14.9Mpbs up. That is not incredible, but rather it’s in accordance with what we expected for a tablet with such restricted choices.

The Productivity Myth

Except for Lenovo’s Productivity Mode UI, the Tab P11 Pro runs a close stock variant of Android. Shockingly, that adaptation is Android 10. We anticipate that an update should be Android 11 to carry out to the tablet in October, yet there’s no redesign ensure after that. On in addition to side, Lenovo will send security patches until November 2023.

Efficiency Mode kicks in when a console is joined to the Tab P11 Pro. At the point when it’s empowered, a taskbar shows up along the lower part of the screen with a route symbol and ordinarily utilized applications. The component sounds extraordinary in principle, yet is tremendously ungainly by and by.

At the point when you open an application in Productivity Mode, there’s a little possibility it will open in full screen. With most applications, you will not discover an augment alternative, and you’ll have to physically resize the little windows that show up on the work area. Goliath title bars show up over each application, gobbling up significant screenland.

On the off chance that you basically work in a couple of static applications for the duration of the day, Productivity Mode will be fine. Yet, in case you’re continually trading among applications and tabs, you’ll immediately become baffled.

A few Amazon and Microsoft applications are preinstalled, as are Bamboo Paper for drawing and Squid for notetaking. All are applications you’ll most likely utilize on the off chance that you buy the tablet with the console and pen; else, you can uninstall them.

Discretionary Accessories Are Worth the Splurge

Lenovo sells a $599 usefulness bundle that incorporates the 6GB RAM model of the Tab P11 Pro, the Keyboard Pack, and the Lenovo Precision Pen 2. Since the pack just adds $50 to the cost of the tablet and incorporates more than $130 worth of extras, it’s a strong purchase on the off chance that you hope to require either a pointer or a console sooner or later.

The Keyboard Pack incorporates a hard-shell console and a kickstand. The team joins the tablet attractively and goes about as a situation when the tablet isn’t being used. The outside of the console is canvassed in a snazzy and sturdy dark sew.

Albeit the console is comparable to what you’ll discover accessible for other Android tablets, it doesn’t verge on coordinating with the iPad Air’s Magic Keyboard. It’s little, with negligible travel. The trackpad seems like squandered space since it needs palm dismissal and doesn’t work really hard of distinguishing the distinction between left and right snaps.

The kickstand is strong and offers 180 levels of development. It functions admirably on a work area, yet isn’t extraordinary for utilizing on your lap.

Lenovo’s Precision Pen 2 seems as though a major aluminium pencil and appends to the highest point of the kickstand through a little holder with a cement back. The holder appears to be an idea in retrospect; our test unit’s holder tumbled dismissed from everything related to this issue inside a couple of days.

Since the Precision Pen 2 is a functioning printer, there’s a USB-C charging port on the top edge. The pen went on for a long time during our tests, so you can get a lot of work done between charges. There are two fastens on the pointer that you can guide to assignments like Erase and Select Text.

Regardless of its size, the Precision Pen 2 is not difficult to deal with and functions admirably. It has 4,096 degrees of strain affectability, so you can undoubtedly make flimsy or thick strokes just by pushing down on the showcase. All things considered, we saw more dormancy with the P11 Pro’s pointer than with Apple’s second-age Pencil or Samsung’s S Pen.

There are somewhat not many enhanced applications for inventive experts in the Google Play Store, so Lenovo’s tablet can’t rival the iPad Air around there. Be that as it may, in case you’re taking notes, shading, or making arbitrary doodles in One Note, you’ll be content with the Precision Pen 2.

This Slate Was Made for Streaming

On the off chance that you need a tablet that is fit for taking care of requesting innovative undertakings or hours-long work meetings, you’ll be most joyful with the iPad Air. iPadOS handles performing multiple tasks better, the Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard are undeniably more skilled, and the App Store has undeniably more choices for inventive experts. Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for an Android tablet that is extraordinary for amusement yet can likewise take on essential usefulness assignments, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a decent decision. A fresh OLED show and superb speakers improve long Netflix gorges, and the Precision Pen 2 functions admirably for notes and draw. In the event that you need to rapidly send an email or sign a record, the Tab P11 Pro makes it simple to manage without starting up your essential PC. It’s anything but a workhorse, yet it’s a fine ally for entertainment only and games.

Buy it if…

You need good battery life

With its large battery, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro can continue onward and go, whatever you use it for, settling on it an extraordinary decision for long excursions and some other time a charger isn’t to hand.

You need a small TV replacement

This tablet has a phenomenal showcase and great speakers, so it will earn enough to pay the rent room ally for most.

You want a versatile writing companion

However it’s anything but a useful force to be reckoned with, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a phenomenal supplement to any essayist’s armoury because of its adaptable structure factor.

Don’t buy it if…

You need to do serious work

Past word preparing and light bookkeeping page work, a PC is a superior decision, or even a non-Android tablet, given the absence of upgraded applications here.

You need absolute stability

Android on tablets experiences successive bugs, falters and bothers, and there’s no indication of that evolving. In case you’re effectively disappointed, this isn’t an ideal gadget for you.

You need the most powerful tablet money can buy

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is numerous things, yet regardless of the ‘Ace’ in its name, a handling stalwart it isn’t. It’s useful for media, yet less so for gaming or some other requesting task.


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