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fortnight battle Royale most popular game 2021?

fortnight battle Royale most popular game 2021?

Today I am reviewing fortnight battle royale for the ps4 fortnight is an online game developed by Epic Games the game has three different game modes

  • Fortnight save-the-world
  • Fortnight creative and
  • fortnight BattleRoyale for this review

I’ll be focusing on the battle royale mode so what is battle royale?
100 players get matched together then you’re all in a flying battle bus and you have to skydive then glide onto the map. The only thing you have at the start is a pickaxe to smash up buildings. if you want any weapons or health packs you have to find them and that’s where the game gets interesting. The start of each match is just a mad rush to find a decent gun before someone else does and finds you. Because unarmed you’re gonna die when you kill an opponent they drop all of their items but you can only carry six items yourself in your inventory.


So it’s about managing your resources and taking the things you need the map shrinks in size at regular intervals as the storm slowly surrounds the gameplay area the reason this is implemented is that it keeps the match within a certain time limit otherwise these games could go on forever. so it’s a hundred-person free-for-all on an ever-shrinking map where you’ll eventually be forced into a very small space to fight it out to the death with the other players and the last person standing at the end is the winner. it’s a very simple premise and that is the reason it’s so popular but it does not just combat you can use you can also build originally fortnight was a game designed as a base building game where you’d have to withstand waves of enemy hordes and fortify your base to survive. The game they’ve taken this element of the game and added it to the battle royale and it gives a different dimension to battle royale. I mean it’s not for everyone and it can get very annoying when you’re trying to shoot someone and they just build about a hundred walls around them but it does make the combat and the interaction with other players more complex and very. you can bunker up or fortify a building where you think the storm will end and wait for enemy players to come flooding in the storm. isn’t always that predictable so the general building strategy that I’ve seen while playing is usually used for quick defence in firefights or building a small shed so you can heal yourself because when you heal it takes several seconds and you can’t shoot during that process. So you need a little bit of time or you’re free from danger so that’s the basic game loop if you die you can just jump into another match and play with another one of the millions of other players. They are playing full night worldwide so you’re never going to run out of matches to play that is another reason.

Game Map

The game map is well-designed and it’s very colourful buried with lots of little sneaky places to build. you know find a place to have a bunker lots of open towns where all of the action kicks off. wide open countrysides you’ve got boats you can ride in and it’s got a rocket launcher attached which is awesome. There are also zip lines if you need to get out somewhere fast or just get out and get out of the storm.


Guns and Ammunition 

very quickly the variety of guns is pretty good and they’re all color-coded based on their effectiveness. so if you find a legendary weapon near the end of the game you just upped your chances of winning. the round the guns are the overall they feel great.


 the controls they’re very smooth very sensitive very responsive. the analogue sticks feel just about right. the sensitivity’s all on point. playing solo is great fun but personally, my favourite mode was battle royale duos where you and a friend can take 50 other duo’s on in a world map and it’s playable and local split-screen. so it’s fantastic for a great couch co-op session each battle is what you make it if you want to be super aggressive head to the towns find a gunner and take out as many people as you can as quickly as possible.

it’s risky but the rewards are higher as you can pick out the best weapons and if you manage to take down some key players early on all the better for you or you can go down the slow and quiet approach. you can land in the countryside slowly go from quiet location to quiet location build up your weapons your resources and pick people off in a stealthy way. You can even hide in the trash and jump out. when other players least expect it. it’s a bit of a troll way of doing it but you know sometimes in games you don’t have the best weapons you just got to make the most of it and in the end, it’s about winning at all costs. You have to be aware of your surroundings as there are a hundred players out there and so if there’s a lot of variation in playstyle .so you can’t just apply the same principles to everybody that’s why each match is so much fun. because it’s the variety and it’s the unpredictability. so unless you’ve been living under a rock for three years you’ve heard about a fortnight.  

why is the game so popular and played by millions worldwide?

well, the game is free to own it’s free to play online, and even if you don’t own an online pass you can still play. it means everyone who owns a ps4 can play it with friends online and it’s inclusive and it’s a great experience the controls are easy to learn. It is simple to master it’s a lot of fun it’s very addictive and you can just keep jumping into the game after game every time you die.

it’s the gameplay loop that keeps you playing longer than you probably would along with the battle past. the fear of missing out element because when you buy a battle pass you’re gonna play this game a lot because you put the money in so you want to make the most of it and it makes sense it’s a good way of luring people in making them play for longer than they would so.

overall it’s just a very well-thought-out game mode that appeals to everyone it can be played by everyone and even people who are rubbish like me can still win the odd match from time to time.

Games Graphics

Graphically the game it’s very child-friendly very colourful vibrant smooth around the edges and it’s just very nice visually. It’s an online game so you will get a lag as people’s signals dip in and out. because you’ve got a nine you’ve got a hundred people on a map so you’re gonna have variable internet speeds but you know this is online gaming this is just a part of it until everyone’s got superfast wired fibre this is how it is you just have to live with it and hope it doesn’t lead to you dying down the stretch for some like a glitchy moment.

Game menu and Sound 

The menus they’re very simple very bold very very clear to use. it’s easy to navigate you know they’ve done a good job without simplifying all the kinds of menu systems.

the sound, on the whole, is very good the map doesn’t have much ambiance. but the way the sound is managed in terms of distance with gunshots and noises is very good. you know you can hear things in a distance from erections so it kind of helps you know when things are kicking off .also the guns sound grave they’re very loud very strong they’ve overplayed them and it just makes it more of a cartoony style of the gun but it is satisfying to use.


Voice Chat;

you also have the option to voice chat with other players. but you can turn that off if you find that stuff annoying overall sounds wise good. it’s good I can’t fault it ok so what’s good and what’s bad what’s good

the game is free to own and free to play online for everybody the battle royale game loop it’s so addictive and every match is a different kind of experience. the split-screen couch co-op mode is an excellent feature and I’m so glad they added it. overall it’s a fun family-friendly experience as a game. everyone can play and contribute there’s no surefire way of winning a match so over time you’re going to learn different techniques and that’s why the matches become so interesting. Because you’re always learning and you’re always developing what’s bad about all parties do expire at the end of the season so you have to repurchase it periodically. but the game is free so it’s not a negative necessarily but just be aware buying a battle pass it won’t last you forever and all and

finally I’m not sure about the building aspect for four-night suits battle royale mode. It is there if you want to use it. I mean for me it can be frustrating but once you figure out how the builders work you can play around with it. I’m not a big builder in the game I do like building games but in Battle Royale, I just want to kill everyone. so builders are special kinds of enemies in this game and you’ve got to kind of adapt your approach to them because it’s not just shooting shoot kill you’ve got to kind of think about it more. strategically so is it a bad point I don’t know. it’s annoying but it’s just part of the process ok so

why this is so popular?

 Because there’s nothing worse than just being on in an online game with no players waiting in a lobby so that the fact that so many people play this makes it more popular.

Free download and free to play online:

The game is also free to download and own and it’s free to play online as in you don’t need a paid subscription online pass to play against other players. I think that’s a formula other games should adopt as it maximizes the player base and it makes everyone feel included. Everyone can play it and you know in the end they’re going to make money from that so it is free to own the game and play the game.

 how do these developers make money out of it?

 well, you’ve got virtual currency and battle passes. everything in the game that’s cosmetic like skins or emote ease is purchasable with VC virtual currency as in the Battle Pass which is $7.99. the battle pass is like a paid subscription that lasts as long as the current game season. once the season you’re playing finishes your battle pass expires. The Bao pass gives you cosmetic rewards for completing certain tasks and milestones during the current season. These cosmetics you keep forever but you can only earn these during the current season. although you can buy some of the items in the store using VC later on so be aware if you buy a battle pass. it won’t last you forever only for the duration of the current season if you want it for the next season you’ll have to buy it again and pay. it’s like a time-sensitive subscription service in a way. the amount of skins and cosmetics is very impressive and they’ve done a lot of work with official brands like the NFL like Star Wars like other things to name a few. honestly, I don’t mind micro-transactions when they’re in free games because the developers have got to make money somehow and they’re giving you a game for free so to charge you for cosmetics and bow passes I think that’s fine. everything you do in the game will make you level up the higher the level the more rewards that you’re going to gain.

what is the verdict fortnight is a lot of fun?

I didn’t think I’d enjoy it which is the reason it took me so long to play this game but within about 30 minutes of playing it with a friend. I was hooked my friend was hooked and you know our reservations just went away with the format of battle royale. perfectly suits this game it’s the main reason people know about fortnight let’s be honest originally. it was a survival-building game which they’re still working on but now when you say fortnight everybody just thinks Battle Royale.

Final Words:

you have to say well done to the developers because ever since tonight became a battle royale game is just absolutely blown up it’s very enjoyable addictive. it’s full of various possibilities and I enjoy it. lots of people play it a lot of people enjoy it and it’s just a bit of fun. so my score for tonight battle royale is 9 out of 10 it’s a really enjoyable game every match is different don’t get me wrong some matches are a bit boring some matches you’d be wandering around and there’s no one there but eventually, you’ll find someone but on the whole, I found the match is really enjoyable.



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