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How to use Augmented Reality to Market your Business

How to use Augmented Reality to Market your Business

How to use Augmented Reality (AR) to Market your Business?


The world is full of technological wonders. Currently, the biggest tech wonder creating buzz and value for businesses is Augmented Reality (AR). In the past few years, AR has become a big thing. Currently, the global Augmented Reality (AR) tech is valued at $3.5 billion. By the year 2023, it is expected to be valued at a staggering $18 billion.
Augmented Reality (AR) is redefining the different facades of human life. Especially for businesses, AR holds immense potential. Businesses around the world are steadily embracing Augmented Reality. Entrepreneurs are channeling AR as well for their innovative ventures. That means soon AR will become an integral part of the business world.
This calls for a quick adaption to AR by entrepreneurs. Augmented Reality is readily being used to market businesses with advanced strategies. If you are an entrepreneur, you can also benefit from the efficacy of augmented reality to market your business.
In this article, we will learn how augmented reality can be effectually inculcated in business marketing strategies. First, you need to clearly understand that what Augmented Reality (AR) is.
What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Augmented Reality creates an enhanced version of the physical world by the usage of high-tech visual elements. It brings into play elements like sounds and certain sensory stimuli with the help of technology. AR is widely used in mobile computing, the retail industry, and other sectors of the business world.
Using Augmented Reality for Business Marketing
We will now talk about various AR applications for business marketing. These applications help businesses to enhance engagement and provide a better consumer experience. Moreover, AR is helping businesses to resonate with varying consumer needs and demands.
The most exciting and innovative way AR can help businesses with marketing is to be used with social media. With AR, businesses can create avatars and filters on Instagram and Snap Chat. Various big names are already using this technique. These include Tiffany’s & Co., Red Bull, Sephora, and Louis Vuitton. Customers can apply these AR filters and use avatars in their social media content and share online. This helps to create buzz, drive traffic, and increase engagement rates.
Next is the virtual try-on feature that is being widely used by fashion brands. With the AR-powered Virtual Try-on feature, customers can try on clothes, accessories, and cosmetics through their phones. That too from the comfort of their homes. This feature has become a hit in the ecommerce and retail world. Moreover, this AR feature enables customers to cherish a store-like shopping experience if they cannot shop in-store due to COVID-19. This AR feature also applies to furniture and automobile businesses. Moreover, try-on feature negates the requirement of various pieces that customer needs to try, before purchasing. In this way, the whole process becomes hassle-free.
Augmented tours and assistance is also gaining momentum. Now, customers can access an augmented world in seconds by scanning a code or a product. In this way, they are able to experience and visit physical places in a new reality. This brings a supplemented business-related experience that is tailored and provides additional information. Big names such as Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, and Super Bowl quickly jumped on this AR touring trend. Hyundai was the first company that designed and introduced an AR-powered driving manual.
Augmented Reality has benefitted B2B business models as well, with marketing. With AR tech, businesses are able to enhance their sales through AR model presentations. Through this feature, stakeholders can gain a better understanding of the product. Moreover, it enables them to interact with the product. This allows them to make an informed decision.
Businesses should derive value out of all the applications mentioned. These applications will enable them to create a unique customer and marketing experience. Especially, small businesses need to take notice and start using AR for marketing. Over the next decade, AR will create more possibilities for businesses and will continue to add value.


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