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how to make money as a kid online?

how to make money as a kid online?

It was so much harder to make money when I was younger than it is today as a kid. Although it was not that great for the children of my generation, it made life much easier for my children.

My parents have done a pretty good job of teaching me and my brother money. But as a grown-up, I learned that my financial knowledge base had several gaps.

We can teach just what we know as parents. So I’m much harder to educate now when I don’t know about finance and money.

So I have started showing them how to make money from online surveys using Swagbucks’ favorite polls. I want my kids to be financially smarter than I’m at their age.

By doing so, I assist them in creating their financial future in their sense of independence and power. And a large part of this training has taught them how to make money as a child.

Easy ways to make money as a kid

Sell Stuff Online

The toy and the clothes for which they hit you have spread out. All of that stuff is now stacked on their closet’s darkest shelf or the saddest corner in the attic. Help your children sort all the things they no longer use and sell them online. You could help take photos on the websites or social media for posting.

Take Paid Online Surveys

Tell your view in the form of gift cards or cash to help brands deliver better products and services. I recommend that both Survey Junkie and Swagbucks be registered (you get only a $5 bonus for Swagbucks).

There will be many surveys you will have to apply for to make decent money, but how hard it is.

Open a separate email account for surveys exclusively. You’ll begin to get emails flooded, and it’s easier to manage in another account.

Make Money On Youtube

I guess you’d not start a Youtube channel yourself as a kid or teenage person. Make your channel as you live at home, and after you have finished, BAM! You have Youtube’s full-time revenue.

I strongly recommend the Hollens Creator Academy to help you get started. This helps you not only get a killer channel started but also how you make money on Youtube.


CashCrate is one of the best places to make money quickly online. See my CashCrate review for your first $100 on CashCrate.
Business 101

The best way to learn how a business runs itself on the most convenient level is to run your own business. Whether you decide to sell homemade jewelry online or slime on your own YouTube channel, you will be able to learn about the cost of running a company and the way the profit margins work. They will also be able to consider how to brand themselves, analyze the marketplace, and finance their start-up costs.

Start a T-shirt Business
Is your child a creative who knows what people want intuitively? If so, they definitely should consider starting a T-shirt company and developing their creative side.

This could be another product sold or sold on local markets in Etsy, Redbubble or Cafepress.

Start a Babysitting Business

Sometimes mothers need a break. If your child is good with younger children, it’s an excellent choice for them.

Teenagers can also establish a parent profile on Care.

Sell Your Photos

Do you have photographic abilities, or do you living in an area that needs pictures? “Stock photography websites are enormous deposits of photographs which cover almost every imaginable subject,” International Living advises. So how’s that functioning? Photographers can upload their pictures to several big databases, enabling journal editors, designers or any website organization to purchase them. And the beauty of stock websites: Pictures can be sold every time — so you can keep making money effortlessly.

Join Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie was one of the first few surveys I found in 2016 to find ways to make money online.

It was launched in 2013 and was quite new compared to the other surveys, but it was recognized and positive.

It only offers surveys that offer little other means of earning cash, unlike other sites.

You can’t live with Survey Junkie (when things go well, you only make $50 to $100 per month).

I don’t recommend online surveys because they pay a lot less; just register for Survey Junkie, and when you feel there is no other thing to do, go to the polls.

If you join Survey Junkie via this connection, we will get a small commission to create more free content on this blog.

Sell Used Items Online

Who hasn’t lying around some unwanted things? Look through your closet, and you’ll have a good chance that you will find some clothes that don’t fit or toys you don’t care about.

Why not sell this stuff online instead of wasting this valuable space in your home?

Platforms such as eBay are great for removing used products. List your goods, set a price and ship them when they are sold. This is so easy. Just ensure that you get permission from your parent in advance!
Do Online Research

I’m not suggesting that you allow your children to give their students their research skills in exchange for money. For example, it is better to give students or university professionals research support.

The tasks can be as simple as searching for relevant information or online data but can be complicated depending on your child’s skills.

Sit Dogs Walk or Pet

Dog owners treat their dogs like family members, and it is very important to them, although their dogs are too busy to give themselves, that they receive the right level of attention and care.
To find customers, you can log into a teen account via Care.com or create flyers around your local district to let your neighbors know you are ready to work. You can also create a parent/guardian account to get cleared up. Many people charge $20-$30 a 30-minute walk.

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