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How can I make money with no experience?

How can I make money with no experience?

Have you considered being your boss and are searching for a side business to supplement your income?

To give you some context, around three years ago, I found myself staring out the window, wishing I could work from any place on the planet.

I wanted to be a freelancer, so I searched for the finest freelance jobs for beginners with no experience, and so began my fascinating and rewarding career as a freelancer.

More individuals are turning to freelance in recent months as the need for remote work has grown, allowing them to travel or spend more time with their children and families.

I can’t say I blame them.

Working for an employer or a large corporation may have its advantages. Still, nothing compares to the flexibility and independence that comes with being in control of your own time and money (speaking from personal experience).

However, it’s also critical to understand your market and determine which kind of jobs and talents pay the most, so you may begin learning a new skill or prepare for a future freelancing career.

I thoroughly researched and prepared this list of five occupations to have complete, accurate information about the kind of freelancing work you may obtain without a degree or experience.

1. If you have no prior job experience and want to become a content writer, submit examples.

If you don’t have a portfolio of previous work to offer potential customers, you may have to produce some sample work.

Many individuals overlook this step, yet it is critical to learn how to obtain freelance employment. Extra effort may be required, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

For example, if you’re looking for beginning freelance writing employment but don’t have any experience, I suggest creating a few sample pieces to send to potential customers. They can still examine your writing style and determine whether you’re a good match this way.

2. Assistive Technology

Numerous virtual help jobs are available that don’t need specific skills or expertise, making them excellent entry-level remote employment.

A virtual assistant is needed to support both large and small businesses and individuals juggling a heavy workload. You’ll be doing the things they don’t want to or can’t because they don’t have time.

Making or accepting reservations, conducting online research, project management, data entry, transcription, and internal communication will most likely be your primary responsibilities. If it’s okay with you, you might be able to do some more specialized work and one-time jobs.

3. Game Reviewer

For many people, becoming a video game tester will be a dream come true, especially since it is an online position that requires no prior experience, even though it appears to be a lot of fun. And, in many cases, it will, it will require a great deal of patience as well as some gaming skills.

As the name implies, a game tester’s job is to test a new game for any glitches, bugs, or other issues before it sells. This necessitates a high level of attention to detail, as any bug should be reported, so you can’t just sit there having a good time playing the game.

4. a language teacher

Since ancient times, people have been eager to learn new languages. Fortunately, learning a new language is considerably simpler now than it was centuries or even decades ago.

It doesn’t matter whether your first language is English or one of the other 7000 languages spoken on the planet. You will undoubtedly find students who are eager to learn or practice with you.

It’s even better if you’ve already taught before. Suppose you don’t have one, including one on your resume.

You could, for example, include some cultural facts in your course or make your classes extra fun, informal, or flexible for any time of day – whatever your preference is.


If you’re unsure which entry-level remote job is right for you, Micro Tasking might be a good option. This type of work is especially beneficial for those just starting in the field of remote working.

The tasks you can choose from will be diverse, but the good news is that you can pick and choose which ones interest you. Video processing, data verification, transcription, user experience research, and other tasks are examples.


As you can see, some types of jobs do not require prior experience. However, if you work hard and consistently at a specific job for a long time, you can gain the necessary experience and skills.

Using your passion or hobby to find work is one of the best ways to overcome the disadvantage of lack of experience. It is extremely effective. You’ll do a fantastic job because you’re familiar with the field. Instead of worrying about your lack of experience, apply for any of these jobs and make a decent living. You can also use these jobs to learn new skills.


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