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Five Essential Smartphone accessories

Five Essential Smartphone accessories

It seems as if you can’t even shop at a grocery store these days without running into an enormous display of impulse-buy phone accessories. While many are pure junk that will only clutter up your life, a handful of them are truly useful. So get yourself organized by vowing not to buy into the hype and only stick to the Five Essential Smartphone accessories.

Here is the list of Five Essential Smartphone accessories.

  1. Cases and Covers
  2. Phone Ring Holder
  3. Wireless Charging Docks
  4. Power Banks
  5. Earbuds

Cases and Covers

The majority of customers opt for cases or covers as their first smartphone accessory. These cases have become necessary as smartphones are vulnerable to drops, resulting in minor scratches or broken displays. A customized and visually appealing case makes you stand apart from the rest of the users. There is a huge variety of slim, transparent, lightweight and robust snap cases that are made from polycarbonate. These cases offer open ports for connectivity and support wireless charging.

Phone Ring Holder

It is becoming problematic for users to maintain a solid grasp on their device as modern-day smartphones are primarily glass finish. In such a scenario, a phone ring holder acts as a saviour. It remains attached to the back of your smartphone and enables you to hold your phone with ease. The ring holder also functions as a kickstand.  Texting, taking selfies and watching videos has never been easier or comfortable before. These rings are made from magnetic metal that can effortlessly attach to any magnetic dashboard.

Wireless Charging Docks

With each passing day, wireless charging is taking over the outdated charging cords. This technology is spreading like wildfire because it makes charging much more convenient. It is also easy to use; simply put your phone on the dock’s surface, and it will start to charge automatically. Wireless charging helps manage clutter as you don’t need any cords or cables to charge your device. You can get customized Qi wireless chargers at very affordable prices. Let’s have a brief look at the most prominent attributes of these Qi Chargers.


Experience wireless charging using the Qi wireless standard, which delivers up to 5 watts to your iPhone.


Simply place your device on the surface. Your phone will instantly and safely start charging to full capacity.

Power Banks

Everyone is buying portable chargers and power banks these days, and there is a very potent reason behind that. It doesn’t matter how much battery capacity your smartphone has; it’s simply never enough. Sometimes we can’t charge our phones in specific remote locations due to the unavailability of conventional charging sockets. These power banks alleviate this problem and improve the overall performance of the battery.


We are indeed living in the age of wireless devices and gadgets. It’s because most of today’s electronics can communicate via wireless technologies. That makes earbuds another essential mobile phone accessory you need to buy. Listening to good music is a soothing and serene experience for everyone, and that is where earbuds often play a pivotal role in a person’s daily life. Earbuds are easy to use and enhance your overall music experience. Many individuals choose wireless earphones to avoid the inconvenience of adjusting cables and being tied to a device while doing other activities, such as working out.



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