Home Tech Can an Apple Watch track a mountain biking ride?

Can an Apple Watch track a mountain biking ride?

Can an Apple Watch track a mountain biking ride?

Mountain bikers track rides with either Garmins or their phones. No other sports device offers the same level of integration as Apple Watch. If you’re riding, you want to see exactly what you want on the native apple workout display. The display reveals the time, the heart rate, the pace, and the mileage. 

If you glance down, you can easily view the display while on the trail. Although it may be easier to read Garmin’s larger Edge device, the display is not as easy. The 44mm Apple Watch compares most closely to the Edge 130 in this case, as the Edge is the smallest device within the Edge family.

Recording and Connectivity

A ride can be recorded in a variety of ways with an Apple Watch. You should try out Apple’s workout app. The GPS signal was found instantly. If you started your ride outside of a cell signal area, you would still have a GPS signal.

You will be disappointed if you require turn-by-turn directions from a GPX file. For instance, WorkOutDoors allows you to view maps in GPX format but does not provide you with turn-by-turn navigation.

It’s not just that Apple Watch is more intuitive than Garmin Edge, but it’s also simpler to operate. With the Apple Watch, you know exactly what you’re pushing, thanks to its flawless touchscreen. The ability to respond to a text via voice, to take a phone call, or to check the weather is available without having to stop and pull out the phone. Furthermore, you could talk to anyone on the road while riding up climbs using the Walkie-talkie function.

Battery Life

Battery life was perhaps one of the most misunderstood attributes of the Apple Watch and the one that concerned most. Apple states that the Series 6 will last up to 18 hours on average with a one-hour workout. Easily most days getting 30+ hours with 2-3 hours of riding using GPS. 6+ hour rides had very little impact on battery life.


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