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Best Ways to Convert RTF to PDF

Best Ways to Convert RTF to PDF

How many of you think that converting RTF files into PDF format is not an easy task? Defining RTF is a Rich Text Format document that is read and saved by the word processing software. And PDF file format works as a page description language developed by Adobe.
PDF file plays a significant role in protecting the layout of documents such as graphics, images or fonts. And if you want to protect the layout of your RTF file, it is essential to have your RTF file get converted into PDF format. For easy and quick conversion, you need to look for an online tool to convert RTF or PDF.
Below we are discussing the best 3 ways to convert RTF to PDF formats. Let’s see which one of the methods is genuine for you:
1. PDFelement Pro
On top of the list, we will recommend you with PDFelement Pro, which is a great platform to convert your files of RTF to PDF format. The best thing about this tool is that it won’t change the whole format of the file. It is comparable to use with Windows and Mac platforms. Apart from RTF, it supports various other formats to convert your file easily and quickly.
If we talk about some extra features, this tool can convert images, HTML, or images into any other format. It is available with some powerful tools which make your editing a lot effortless. Plus, you can easily add some comments to the PDF file. This tool is a top recommendation for both beginners and professionals.
To start your conversion process, visit https://pdf.wondershare.com/. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to convert as many files as you want to at one time.
2. 2pdf.com
The usage of 2pdf.com has always recommended being the top platform for online conversion, which is 100% free and will not be involving any installation to process it. This tool is available with multiple file formats, which genuinely grant you the access to easily converting our small or large files without any hassle.
If you want to convert the files, visit https://2pdf.com/convert-oxps-to-pdf/ and straight insert those RTF files you wish to get converted. Pick the PDF format from the long list of 50 output formats. You also have to perform some format and page sizing options for a successful conversion.
3. Novosoft Document Converter
Last on our list; we bring up the name of Novosoft Document Converter! This tool should be your first choice because it does not need an external program such as MS Word or Adobe Reader. It helps you to figure out how to convert RTF to PDF without any risk of losing the original version of the file or its formatting.
In its additional features, it works as a speed and a high-quality converter supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its interface is user-friendly for any beginner to use right now. This tool is a top recommendation for both beginners and professionals.
To start the conversion, you can visit http://www.novosoft.net/rtftoxml.html and download this desktop program to start the application. A variety of file formats are available to pick the one which goes following your conversion requirements.
We hope that you must have got enough information about how you can convert your RTF files into PDF format without any hassle with this guide. All the conversion tools which we did mention right above for you are online, free, and are 100% genuine to use for quick conversion processing. Pick your favourite tool right now!


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